Close on more real estate

Get help selling more investment properties through a mutual relationship with Better Vacations. We provide custom revenue projection reports and local expertise to help your clients confidentially purchase with you.

Realtor Referral Program

Partner with Better Vacations to sell more rental properties. Our detailed revenue projections for each home your client is considering will help you close the deal. From there, we’ll manage the rental and at a fraction of the cost of other property managers.

We offer realtors a mutual relationship with investor referrals - our clients have invested in over $60M in real estate over the last 4 years across our 25 cities and we would love to partner with local agents in each city.

Your next steps:

  • Partner with us at Better Vacations for instant revenue analysis for any prospective properties your clients are considering purchasing - we can even compare returns to other investment options.
  • Refer your client to officially join our vacation rental management program.
  • In return, you’ll receive a referral bonus of $1,500 90 days after their property is live with us.
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