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Expert Airbnb Property Management in Los Angeles at Your Service

When Airbnb first rolled out its website in 2008, anyone with a couch could reap some financial benefit from opening their home to weary travelers. While that still holds true in some instances, vacation rentals have continually evolved over the years. Not only do guests find properties differently than they did in 2008 but now they expect much more from those rentals. Are you keeping up?

Management You Can Trust

Many vacation rental owners have found that managing their own properties is much more difficult than they thought. Addressing booking questions or maintenance emergencies around the clock can soon become tiresome. What happened to that passive income you were hoping for? Let us help. At Better Vacations, you have found a professional Los Angeles Airbnb property management team you can trust for all your vacation rental needs.

Standing Out From the Crowd

With over a million Airbnb hosts, you need a way to stand out from the crowd to ensure that your vacation rental stays in front of the guests you want to attract and keep your income generation consistent. You need to continually up your game in order to attract the best ratings. With an active and experienced property manager, you can relax knowing that your listing is being attended to 24/7.

Bad Reviews Are the Kiss of Death

As a vacation rental owner, you are well aware that all it takes is a couple of bad reviews to sink your listing. Having the skill of a professional and experienced Los Angeles Airbnb property management team can be life-changing. At Better Vacations, we have nearly two decades in the hospitality and management industry. We know what guests expect and what good service looks like. You can trust that we won’t drop the ball when it comes to your vacation rental reputation.

  • Airbnb
  • VRBO
  • HomeAway
as well as others. We also maintain an extensive database of clients who consistently look for individually owned vacation rentals in lieu of hotels and motels.

A Full-Service Airbnb Property Manager in Los Angeles

At Better Vacations, you can trust

  • That your vacation rental listing will be expertly crafted with professional photos and optimized descriptions.
  • That your property will be seen across over 48 vacation listing platforms by savvy travelers.
  • That your vacation rental property will be expertly cleaned before and after each stay by a fully-vetted staff of housekeepers.
  • That your listing will have an expert maintenance staff on call for any emergency.
  • That you and your guests will have 24/7 support from a staff of experienced professionals.
  • That you will be earning the most competitive rates for your rental considering the time of year and day of the week.
  • That your booking calendar will be 100% up-to-date at all times.
  • That we employ smart technologies allowing safe and secure check-in and security.
  • That you will garner rave reviews from your guests.
With our professional Los Angeles Airbnb property management team on your side, you have local support around the clock allowing you to relax while creating exceptional vacation memories for your guests. Last-minute booking? Maintenance emergency? No problem with us on the job.

At Better Vacations, we believe if your guests are happy, everyone is happy. The guest experience is what drives your reputation and leads to repeat bookings, more positive reviews and a greater return on investment for vacation rental property owners. We strive for a completely seamless experience for both owner and guest.

If you have an income-producing vacation rental property or are considering one, let us show you how having an experienced Los Angeles Airbnb property management team can benefit you while keeping your revenue consistent and your home safe and well-maintained. Sit back. We’ve got this. Call us today.