What Information Should You Include In Your Welcome Packet?

If you own a short-term rental, you should always have an information or welcome pack for your guests. This is an informative compilation that your guests can refer to throughout their stay and affords them plenty of information right at their fingertips. Leaving your guests a welcome packet is a good way of letting your guests know that you care about their stay and want it to be as enjoyable as possible. As a vacationer or traveler, it’s always helpful to have a way of settling in when arriving at a new destination. Leave your packet in a convenient area where it will be seen by your guests immediately.

Arrival and Departure Instructions

Your welcome packet is a good place to remind your guests about your arrival and departure information. Make sure that you include times and what you expect of your guests at the time of departure such as cleaning up dishes or putting towels and linens in the washing machine. Having explicit instructions helps to alleviate any misunderstandings.

WiFi Login Instructions

Most guests will want to log in to your rental’s WiFi. Make sure to provide guests with the network name and password, making sure to specify which letters are upper case. Let your guests know if there are any little quirks they should know about or how to reset the router if there are any issues.

Local Emergency Numbers

It’s important for your guests to have local numbers for emergency services at the ready. Make sure to include the numbers for

  • Police department
  • Fire department
  • Nearest emergency room/hospital
  • Your property manager
  • Any maintenance or housekeeping staff
  • Your local number

Make sure you include the complete property address here so your guests have it available should they need to call 911 or any emergency services for any reason.

House Rules

Your welcome packet is a good place to address any house rules for your guests such as no pets, non-smoking or noise requirements. Reminding your guests at the very beginning can help to prevent any misunderstandings and alleviate any potential problems.

Parking Rules

If your guests need to park in specific spots or are required to park on the street, it’s important for them to understand any of those requirements at the very beginning. This will prevent them from incurring unnecessary charges or tickets.

Local Interests, Restaurants and Maps

Your guests may like recommendations for restaurants and local points of interest. A map of the area is a great way for them to understand where things are and to get their bearings. If there are any special events happening during their stay, make sure to mention them.

Days of Trash and Recycling Collection

It’s important for your guests to know what days your trash and recycling are collected. You will also want to specify where to put refuse and what bags to use.

Heating, Cooling and Appliance Instructions

It may seem obvious to you but your guests may have difficulty operating your particular thermostat or getting your cable TV to work. Don’t leave that to chance. Spell out operating instructions for these things so your guests don’t need to feel frustrated and be required to call you or your manager . Having a welcome packet in your vacation rental gives your guest valuable information and is a good way of letting them know that you value them as a guest.

Published: 10/11/19