New Trends In Traveling This Coming Year

The explosion of vacation rentals is, in itself, a major trend in travel. When Airbnb launched in 2008, its creators were thinking of a platform that would allow people to rent out a spare room -- even a sofa -- for a night or two. They charged 3 guests $80 apiece to sleep on airbeds in their San Francisco apartment when all the local hotel rooms were taken. Fast forward to today and over two million people use an Airbnb property each night. If you are a vacation rental property owner, you are part of this exciting new trend. And it is only growing and changing. Newer trends have begun emerging for vacation rentals, some very easy to implement and adapt to your property. Here are some you may want to take notice of for your vacation property.

Pet-Friendly Rentals

More people are traveling with the family pet so pet-friendly vacation rentals are on the rise. According to, 42 percent of pet owners choose their accommodations based on it being pet-friendly. Furthermore, 50 percent would pay an extra fee just to have their pet be able to stay with them in their vacation rental. This means that you can tap into an additional market of guests as well as potentially increase your rates. If you are a vacation rental owner, this is a significant number of guests that you may be missing out on.

Off-Season Rentals

Travelers often look to off-season travel to avoid crowds and save money. Off-season rentals have grown in popularity over the last decade. Off-season travel can appeal to many different types of travelers and this trend can be very profitable for a savvy vacation rental property owner. By offering off-season rates and offering cross-promotions with local businesses such as restaurants and theaters, an owner can find a niche market of travelers to appeal to in the typical tourist off-season.

Health and Wellness Travel

More travelers are looking for health-focused vacations. As a vacation rental owner, you have the opportunity to tap into this trend by focusing on health and wellness in your marketing materials, partnering with local studios and fitness centers or highlighting your property’s access to nature, hiking, scenic beaches or other outdoor activities.

Environmentally Conscious Accommodations

Many travelers are starting to show an interest in accommodations that are eco-friendly. There are many ways that a vacation rental owner can up their game when it comes to sustainability such as implementing recycling, installing solar panels, or offering green shampoos and soaps as amenities. Any small steps toward sustainability can add value to your rental as well as cutting your costs.

Unique Accommodations

Today’s vacation rentals are offering new and unique options when it comes to accommodations. Campers, organic farms, houseboats, tiny homes, treehouses and other alternative dwellings are appealing to travelers in search of unique experiences. Studies have shown that 71 percent of millennial travelers would now consider staying in non-traditional vacation rentals. At Better Vacations , we understand the vacation rental industry. Call us if you are looking for exceptional management for your vacation rental property. (310) 902-4133

Published: 01/06/20