Kitchen Must-Haves You Absolutely Need in Your Vacation Rental

When you own a vacation rental, you tend to envision your guests doing what you would do on vacation, having a good time relaxing and enjoying downtime. No chores, no responsibilities, no cooking. cooking?

Is Your Kitchen Up to Snuff?

For some people, cooking IS their way of relaxing. In fact, one of the reasons guests choose a vacation rental instead of a hotel room is the ability to cook. But even if all they want is to heat up leftovers from last night’s dinner out, you need to make sure that your rental has a well-equipped kitchen.

Needless to say, if your guests are real foodies, you may not own every gadget imaginable for their use. Many foodies actually travel with their own personal kitchen arsenal. That being said, there are some important basics -- really BASIC basics -- that every vacation rental kitchen should have, hands down.


Granted, good knives are expensive but the knives in your vacation rental should do at least the most rudimentary of basic cutting. And dull knives are dangerous knives.

A Good Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is one of the most basic kitchen appliances in a vacation rental. It should be clean and in good shape. Coffee makers are relatively inexpensive so if yours shows wear or is chipped or broken, you should immediately replace it. You should also have a small inventory of coffee filters on hand for your guests.

A Corkscrew

Can you imagine someone going on vacation without a good bottle of wine? Neither can we.

  • tongs
  • a vegetable peeler
  • Spatulas
  • a potato masher
  • a box grater
  • a ladle
  • a slotted spoon
  • wooden spoons
  • a pair of kitchen scissors
  • measuring cups and spoons
  • a bottle opener
  • a can opener
  • a citrus squeezer
  • a food thermometer
  • Bakeware

Every vacation rental should have a set of well-maintained bakeware including a 9 X13 nonstick pan, a 9 X 9 nonstick pan, a set of nonstick cookie sheets, and a loaf pan.

Your pots and pans don’t need to be expensive but they should not be the cheapest on the market either. They should be nonstick, substantial and functional. When they begin to look worn or scratched, replace them.

For some reason, bowls seem to be missing from a lot of vacation rentals. There is nothing more frustrating than not having a bowl to mix something in or for a quick popcorn fix.

From a quick breakfast smoothie to making a simple pesto, having a blender and food processor on hand will make your vacation rental stand out, foodie or no foodie.

Regardless of whether your guests throw together a quick sandwich or a 5-course meal, having a well-stocked kitchen can help make your vacation rental stand out. Need help making your vacation rental a 5-star experience for your guests? Having the aid of a professional Airbnb management company can help. At Better Vacations , let us handle the technicalities so you can have peace of mind.

Published: 11/13/19