Design Your Rental to Entice the Right Guests

You may not have noticed but Airbnb has evolved. Average no longer cuts it and you can almost forget the concept of finding a sofa to crash on. Luxuriously designed vacation rentals are the new name of the game. So how can you compete with these new design-worthy short term rentals? You appeal to your guests’ emotions with a well-planned design.

Design Elements Can Be Easy and Affordable

Having a well thought out design for your vacation rental doesn’t need to be any more expensive than one that is thrown together. But the dividends can be impressive, particularly if the rental is in an area that lends itself to a theme such as the beach or the mountains. But even if your rental is in less than a theme-worthy area, having a purposeful design scheme can be easy and affordable.

Creating a Cohesive Design

You don’t have to be a designer. All you need is a simple design plan. Not having one can just lead to a haphazard unplanned look. Having a cohesive plan can result in far more bookings and stellar reviews just because you are giving your guests an “experience” instead of just a place to hang out on vacation. When scrolling through photos on Airbnb, the good design will always be the one that gets clicked through to the reservation.

Important Elements to Consider

While strategizing your design, there are some very important elements to consider. You want to

  • Consider the guest you want to attract -- is it a family? A business traveler? An outdoor enthusiast? You want to gear the design of your rental to attract the very guest you are looking for.
  • Consider the home itself -- your design should be in harmony with the structure itself. A fishing cabin will look ridiculous with your grandmother’s chintz sofa but rustic furnishings and hanging an old oar and fishing lures on the walls will set the stage. If your rental has no existing style of its own, no problem. But if it does, you want to remain true to it.
  • Consider the location -- beach cottage? Urban loft? Ski condo? Make sure your inside environment meshes easily with the outside environment.
  • Consider trends (to a degree) -- trends come and go and you don’t want to be overly beholden to something that will go out of style. But you do want to consider what is trending and add some simple elements of a color or accessory that makes your vacation rental look fresh and appealing. With the appeal of HGTV these days, your guests will probably know what is fresh and what isn’t.
  • Consider consistency -- keep your colors consistent throughout the space and it won’t feel choppy and small.

Your Rental is a Business

A vacation rental with no design plan either feels empty and generic and thrown together and dumpy. In this competitive landscape, the last thing you want is average or makeshift. Your vacation rental should be viewed as a business and a business requires important planning. Creating the right design vibe for your rental is one of the most critical things you can do in an industry that relies on impressive photos and appealing to a potential guest’s emotions when they are planning that important vacation. If you need help taking your vacation rental to the next level and garnering 5-star reviews, consider working with an Airbnb property manager . At Better Vacations, we have the experience to direct you and offer insight into the ever evolving-vacation rental industry.

Published: 12/26/19